Fulton ModSync Controls is a boiler control system designed to incorporate multiple boilers to meet a heating or steam process load demand.

Part load efficiencies and system redundancy are a few of the factors used in determining the number of boilers in the system. The operating efficiency of each boiler stage will vary based on the type of boiler being used and the system configuration. Maximizing boiler system performance is based on utilizing a control system that understands where the peak boiler efficiencies are gained and controlling each boiler stage as part of the system. The ModSync Sequencing System was designed to do exactly that.

ModSync monitors the system demand requirements and then determines the most efficient boiler stage operating mode to meet those demands. Thus, saving the equipment from wear and tear due to cycling on-off, over-firing and over-shooting the load demand, and staging the boilers to maintain the highest operating efficiency to provide maximized energy savings.

ModSync Sequencing System
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