Mason Engineering’s sales support team stand ready to put their knowledge and years of experience to work for you to provide proposals for the best equipment to fit your needs and application.

We have the ability to quote:

  • Small clean-steam 1.5 HP boiler up to a 80000 lb. steam boiler and all sizes in between
  • Condensing boilers, non-condensing boilers, hot water boilers or water heaters and steam boilers
  • From small feedwaters to large 100,000 lb. deaerators
  • Burners to fire from 100,000 BTU’s to 60,000,000 BTU’s firing natural gas, LP gas, #2 fuel oil or a combination of fuels.
  • 3” UL listed plastic vent stack to 48” ID UL listed industrial stainless steel insulated vent stack configured to your requirements
  • Small Inline circulating pumps up to large industrial close-coupled end-suction pumps
  • Controls for ease of operation, fuel saving and/or building management
  • Skid mounted systems are available for single-point connections within your facility or for separate, partially or fully enclosed boiler rooms for roof-top or outside installations

Our sales staff has years of experience and the knowledge and insight to either take your dream from your mind to installation or to take your engineered specifications to the point of equipment on your doorstep.

We represent the top manufacturers for each type of equipment so you can rely on the quality of the product you receive. We carry a variety of products so that you can acquire all of the equipment for your boiler room from this one source. Because of the variety of manufacturers that we represent, we are able to provide equipment that will fit the space requirements for your boiler room – either vertical equipment for small spaces or horizontal equipment for low ceilings.

Boiler Equipment