Max Planck Research Complex

Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience depends on Mason Engineering’s technology and service for their research in Jupiter, Florida. As one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, they have seen 18 Nobel Prize recipients emerge in their history. After a competitive bid for the project, our engineers started designing technology solutions for their facility.

The Mason Engineering team installed two 100hp York-Shipley Global high-pressure steam boilers, a 15,000lb BFS-Industries deaerator feedwater system and two Camus DynaFORCE hydronic heating boilers. The boilers included Power Flame high turndown natural gas burners with Autoflame mini Mk7 linkageless controls. The Camus DynaFORCE hydronic boilers were also provided as high efficiency condensing boilers with 5:1 turndown ratio and thermal efficiencies of 95+ percent. 

Thanks to Mason Engineering, their scientific environment is now at maximum combustion efficiency and 100 percent repeatability. With onsite maintenance checks and monitoring the boiler room equipment [quarterly or yearly], we provide ongoing quality support to their research facility. Mason Engineering brings the same trusted technology to all of our customers that we delivered to a leader in scientific research.