Jackson Memorial Hospital

Mason Engineering’s team provided system design, product sales and installation for Jackson Memorial Hospital’s new boiler and hydronic equipment. The hospital is home to medical research and the Ryder Trauma Center where they are supporting life-saving surgeries and care 24/7.

We first installed two Unilux Evolv 1,200 high pressure steam watertube boilers, with a Cleveland Hays O2 trim to keep the burner at maximum combustion efficiency throughout the boiler turndown. The 80,000 lb. dual deaerator/surge tank feedwater system has three continuous operating feedwater pumps and two continuous operating transfer pumps on the surge tank. Included with the boilers are two Cain stack economizers to extract the thermal heat from the boiler’s exhaust, recovering the BTU’s from the boilers’ vent stack and pre-heating the make-up water to the deaerator.

The Mason Engineering team ensured that after installation the hospital is saving thousands in energy costs. We are happy to be a trusted resource for continued inspection of the boiler and hydronic equipment. That same quality we bring to life-saving hospitals across the state is available to all of our Florida customers.