Palm Beach Gardens Hospital

Mason Engineering, with I.C. Thomasson Engineering from Tampa, FL, was able to save the Palm Beach Gardens Hospital in South Florida over $150,000 and proceed with the new C.E.P. plant that was part of the hospital renovation.

Originally the CEP project would have included two 300hp high pressure steam boilers, two packaged hydronic steam-to-water hydronic heat exchangers and two packaged steam-to-water domestic hot water heat exchangers and a 15,000lb deaerator feedwater system – all needed to fit in a very small addition to the hospital.

Mason Engineering took on the challenge to think outside the box and help this project to go forward by reducing the steam boiler load and providing the owner with high efficient equipment that saved capital dollars, as well as energy costs.

We were able to reduce the steam boilers down to two York-Shipley 80hp high pressure steam boilers (@ 82% eff.), replace the deaerator with a 125-gal feedwater return system with a steam sparging pre-heater, replace the two hydronic steam-to-water heat exchangers with two 95% efficiency Camus 6,000 MBH boilers and replaced the two domestic hot water heat exchangers with two Camus 2,000 MBH domestic hot water boilers.